International summer school

International summer school by Bordeaux School of Public Health (ISPED): Methods in Public Health

2019 edition : from May 20 to July 12

The international summer school is organized by Bordeaux School of Public Health (ISPED). The objective is to provide up-to-date knowledge of the main methods and techniques applied in epidemiology, in both developed and developing countries, to address major public health challenges. The summer school is intended to provide a range of training courses for health professionals.
The 2019 edition, from May 20 to July, 12, offers 17 modules: 9 in French, 8 in English. Each module is proposed independently. However, it is possible to combine several modules over the duration of the summer school to focus on a particular field. Every week during the summer school programme, seminars will be hosted by the Institute and are free of charge for all participants; social events will also be organized. The Bordeaux School of Public Health summer school is a unique opportunity to meet researchers, experts and practitioners in public health in a context that encourages exchange and reflection



Please find below a descriptive sheet for each course:

Courses in FRENCH
Courses in ENGLISH

Analyse de données longitudinales ou groupées en épidémiologie - EPIMIX / will not open

Statistical analysis of big data in systems immunology - SYSTIMMUN / registration closed

Risques compétitifs et modèles multi-états en épidémiologie - SURV / will not open
Wab based data processing and analysis - WEBDATA / will not open

Initiation au logiciel R - INITR / registration closed

Introduction to Bayesian analysis - INBAY / will not open

Applications interactives avec R Shiny - RSHINY / registration closed

Joint models for time-to-events and longitudinal markers - JOINTMOD / registration closed

Conception et interrogation des bases de données - SGBD / registration closed

Measurement and analysis of cost-effectiveness data - COST / will not open

Evaluation des innovations diagnostiques - INNOVDIAG / registration closed
Digital health communication - DIGICOM / registration closed
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Fondamentaux en recherche clinique : de l'étude observationnelle à l'essai clinique randomisé - FORCE
Tools for development and performance in R - HEAVYR / will not open

La recherche interventionnelle en prévention, principes et méthodes - RIPREV / registration closed
Basics in data science with R - BADAS / registration closed

Cartographie en santé - CARTO / registration closed


Practical info: Course offerings are dependent on sufficient number of participants, and may need to be revised accordingly. All courses are provided within the premises of ISPED (146, rue Léo Saignat, 33076 Bordeaux) and the University of Bordeaux We recommend foreign participants to start their visa application early as the procedure tends to be long and complicated.


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Registration closed.


For further information, please contact :

Margaux MAURIN
Administrative coordinator
ISPED Université de Bordeaux
146, rue Léo Saignat
33076 Bordeaux Cedex

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