DPH - Graduate Program

The Graduate Program trains future data chief officers and leaders of the digital public health domain in public and private sectors with a global vision of the issues and future of epidemiology and public health, but also the research and leadership skills.

The Digital Public Health Graduate Program responds to the growing importance of digital tools and data in the Public Health domain. 
Given the international influence of the researches undertaken at Bordeaux Population Health research center (BPH) and of the innovative teaching vision of the Bordeaux School of Public Health (ISPED), the Digital Public Health Graduate Program is directed by Pr. Rodolphe Thiébaut and was funded by the third French Program on Investments for the Future (Programme d’Investissements d’Avenir, PIA3) for 10 years.

The Digital Public Health Graduate Program includes the creation of a new Master of Science (MSc) opening next September 2019, embedded in the Master programs of ISPED, a Doctoral Program (PhD) open to students from all disciplines, and a novel University Diploma (DU) program on connected devices and e-Health which responds to needs of capacity building in the field as articulated by regional and international private companies.